About Us

Dale Travel & Tourism was started by Rohit & Siddharth On 10th February 2021. Sid and Rohit are both Business development managers working in the insurance Industry and during the COVID-19 surge there was a lot of demand for Travel Insurance which covered COVID-19 cases. On their journey to visit various travel agencies and discussing the need and importance of Insurance they realized there was a GAP in the market and a huge opportunity was there to be en-cashed upon. After lots of market research and hard-work, trial and errors, finally the duo came up with a solution, a patentable idea which would revolutionize the way of traveling. They then explained their plan to “Start Up India” who agreed to their solution and provided them with the “DIPP certificate” officially declaring them a start up.

Dale Travel & Tourism is now working upon making their Start Up a success and is in the process of building the infrastructure for their Software & Patent. With your love and support Dale will eventually bring in a new methodology in the market and bring down the prices of tourist visas / hotel accommodation / rental car services significantly thus making sure a good holiday isn’t a very expensive one.

Please support Dale Travel & Tourism as your preferred Travel Companion. And we insure that you will have amazing memories with us.